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Frequently Asked Questions

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I don’t have any programming background. How can I choose the right courses in Flex?

If you just kickstart your programming journey, we recommend you to take Python or JavaScript fundamental courses. Then based on your personal needs & interests, you can choose the different case studies’ courses. Our course consultant is willing to provide you a tailored-made recommendation.

I would like to apply AI and programming in real life and work space. Is Flex course suitable for me ?

Absolutely. Tecky Flex is designed with the objective of allowing students to apply the AI and programming knowledge they have learned in real life situations. Unlike other counterparts in the market, Tecky Flex allows students to choose the courses that interest them the most to build a personalized learning experience.

I want to become a Data Scientist. Can I become one after after finishing the Flex Courses?

Data Scientist is a multi-disciplinary role which requires knowledge from multiple aspects. Flex courses provides students with Data science knowledge. It would also depend on work space experience of the students. We recommend studying Python and Big Data first. After your have mastered the basic skills, you may promote to Tecky Pro Data Science and Machine Learning course.

I want to become a software engineer . Can I become one after finishing the Flex Courses?

Becoming a professional software engineer requires lots of training and practicing which a part-time course like Tecky Flex can hardly provide the necessary environment . We strongly recommend you should consider the Full-time Tecky's MicroMaster in AI and Programming instead if you are looking for a career switch. The 16-week MicroMaster is crafted carefully with the goal of enabling students to switch to a tech career .

Can I get a certificate of achievement upon completion?

Yes, we will issue the certificate of achievement based on the progress of your studies.

Should I pick up JavaScript or Python?

JavaScript is more suitable for creating websites and applications. Python is more suitable for data science, engineering and analytics. If you would like to work on a mobile application, you may pick either one as the introductory language and learn Dart (which is a harder programming language) to use Flutter to make a cross-platform mobile app.

Flex Related

How can I get the schedule of the Tecky Flex courses?

You can visit our platform to see the schedule. We will update the schedule of the courses in the coming month on the first week of each month.

Do I need to make the decisions on the choice of the courses when I enroll the Tecky Flex ?

Not required. You can register the any course you wish to study anytime you want 24 hours BEFORE the course's start time. Upon finishing the fundamental courses or fundamental examination, you can continue to register any case studies courses that interest you. Flex Credit can be refilled anytime.

How can I register for a course ?

You can contact us via WhatsApp login to our Tecky Flex platform (coming soon) to register the course that you wish to attend.

Will there be Flex course on a particular day if nobody is registering?

Any Flex course that has more than TWO enrollment will be held as usual. Tecky Flex platform also shows the number of registrants in real-time.

Will I get a notification in advance If the course is cancelled?

Yes. If the course is cancelled due to bad weathers or insufficient enrollments, you will get a notification 24 hours before the course's start time.

How do I cancel registered course ?

If you cancel the registration 24 hours BEFORE the course's start time, your Flex Credit will not be deducted(Not including Individual Purchase of course). If you cancel the registration afterwards, your Flex Credit will be deducted as usual.

Adverse Weather Arrangement

If the Typhoon Signal 8 or Black Rainstorm signal is still hoisted 4 hours BEFORE a course's start time, the course will be cancelled and the Flex Credit/Tuition Fee will be rebated.
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