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Introduction to Apollo GraphQL

Introduction to Apollo GraphQL

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Do you meet following questions when you design RESTful API?

  • "Getting Login Name which is shown at page header" vs "Get Profile Information(include login name) in Profile Page", would you choose designing 2 APIs or 1 API doing these?
  • To retrieving post list(include posts,pictures,comments), would you choose designing 1 API or 3 APIs(one get posts, another one get pictures and last one get comments) doing these?
  • To retrieving chatroom's messages(include Room Name, Last Message and total number of online users), we need run 2 join operations getting these(Room join Message join user). But,it is very difficult for maintaining and debugging. Would any solutions resolve it without join operation?

GraphQL can answer all of these questions. Apollo GraphQL is used in the course.


Day 1 | Night Session 7:30 ~ 9:30

  • GraphQL Principle
  • Testing querying data under Apollo Studio Explorer(Playground)

Day 2 | Morning Session 10:00 ~ 13:00

  • Building GraphQL Server
  • Design data structure under GraphQL Server (Schema)

Day 3 | Morning Session 10:00 ~ 13:00

  • Building React Application(Apollo Client)which connect to GraphQL Server

Instructor team

Andrew Shek

Andrew Shek


Full Stack

Andrew has over a decade experience in the R&D software developing fields that include Elderly Care System, Biotechnology Equipment, Financial Technologies, customer electronic product’s software development such as baby camera and set-top box and he was also involved in customizing Business Solution development for Microsoft Products. Andrew is always exploring the possibilities of applying new ideas and innovations in the standalone application (Point-Of-Sales System), web applications (Payment Getaway) and mobile apps development (e-Wallet Apps). His vision is to imbue his students with a mindset of improving mankind through innovation and nurture a generation of passionate programmers.

  • Next start date
  • Time 7:30pm (Day 1) / 10:00am (Day 2, 3)
  • Duration 8 hours
  • Class size 6
  • Location Tsuen Wan
Introduction to Apollo GraphQL
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