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Tecky Code introduces JavaScript to you from the absolute beginners level to the advanced level. We will show you both the similarities and differences of using programming to different problems and let you understand how to write the best solution using coding. Computer programming is to write commands to instruct computers and the commands written is called "Coding".

Computer programming is fundamentally about analytical skills and problem solving skills. One problem can be solved in multiple ways and the reason why programmers are here is to find the most clean and efficient solution. To learn software development, one must first understand the basic of programming language. If you compare software development to writing an essay, then learning coding is just like learning grammar.

Now, let's challenges JavaScript programming!

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Alex Lau

Lead Instructor

Alex has been recognized by a series of IT Awards (ICT Grand Award, HSBC Youth Business Award, etc) for his professionalism and technology innovation. Being the former CTO of Play More Limited and the Technology Advisor of several companies, he is an expertise in the software development, management and technology solutions. He has over 15 years of programming experience and is proficient in over 10 programming languages (C, C#, JS, Python, React ...). Alex is strongly passionate in learning, teaching and programming. He is enthusiast to adopt customized and up-to-date teaching approach for tech learners. Over the years he has successfully trained 300+ students to become software developers and provided several corporate training programs. He desires to enhance the overall standard and competitiveness of the entire IT industry.

Jason Li


Jason was a business intelligence analyst in an IoT company. He was responsible to analysis the raw data for helping clients to solve their issues. He worked on projects in the aspect of cold chain solution and health care solution with skills of data visualization and data analysis. Jason is passionate in programming. He loves to share his knowledge with others and he had provide couples of voluntary coding workshops in various organizations. He desires to motivate teenagers in programming learning and problem solving.

Andrew Shek


Andrew was R&D software developing in multiple fields such as Elderly Care System, Biotechnology Equipments, Financial Technologies, customer electronic product’s software development such as baby camera and set-top box and customize Business Solution development on Microsoft Products. He take an interest in exploring how to apply new software technologies standalone application (Point-Of-Sales System), web applications(Payment Getaway) and mobile apps development (e-Wallet Apps).

Gordon Lau

Curriculum Director

Gordon was the former CTO of Accelerate HK Coding Bootcamps Ltd. Professionally, he has been a software developer for different multinational companies across different industries. He has over 10 years of professional programming experience and over 2 years of coding education experience. Gordon is also the developer of the chatroom application HKGChat which obtained over 3000 users on its launch day. As a firm believer in developing the future of Hong Kong’s IT industry, he has been promoting the importance of programming in mainstream education. Gordon is also an avid languages, science and travel enthusiast.

Michael Fung


Michael was the Head of Engineering of Accelerate. He has diverse experience in Full Stack programming over different companies with varying sizes. He has also helped multiple graduates in Accelerate to fulfill their dream of becoming a software engineer.

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