Tecky Academy

Tecky Academy was founded in 2018 with the belief of providing career-centric technology education to those who are interested in pursuing a career in the IT industry. "Discover technology, Discover your talent" is our motto to help everyone to build their tech career. Unlike traditional tech education that focuses on the theoretical aspects of Computer Science, we emphasize greatly on the pragmatic skills to empower our graduates with the necessary tech knowledge to advance in their future career. In addition, we partner with different companies in the industry to offer opportunities to guaranteed interviews and working with real-world projects to provide our students with more practical exposures.

Our Team

What distinguishes Tecky Academy

What distinguishes Tecky Academy from other in the market is the immense experience in practical software development of our instructors team. We are a team of IT industry experts who spend a majority of our career in the programming industry.

Alex Lau

Lead Instructor

Alex is recognized by a series of IT Awards (ICT Grand Award, HSBC Youth Business Award, etc) for his professionalism and technology innovation. Being the former CTO of Play More Limited and the Technology Advisor of several companies, he has vast experience in the software development, project management and technology solution fields. With over 15 years of programming experience, Alex is proficient in over 10 programming languages (C, C#, JS, Python, React ...). He is also passionate in learning, teaching and programming. In order to survive in the everchanging and competitive digital age, Alex had always adapting and learning up-to-date teaching approaches for tech learners. Over the years, he had successfully trained 300+ students to become software developers and oversaw several corporate training programs such as Swire Coca Cola and HKTDC. He has a vision to raise the standard and competitiveness of the entire IT coaching industry.

Gordon Lau

Curriculum Director

Gordon was the former CTO of Accelerate HK Coding Bootcamps Ltd. Professionally, he has been a software developer for different multinational companies across several industries. He has over 10 years of professional programming experience and over 2 years of coding education experience. Gordon is also the developer of the chatroom application HKGChat which obtained over 3000 users on its launch day. As a firm believer in developing the future of Hong Kong’s IT industry, he has been promoting the importance of programming in mainstream education. Gordon is also an avid language, science and travel enthusiast.

Jason Li


Jason was a business intelligence analyst in an Internet of Things company. He was responsible for analyzing the raw data to resolve issues of clients. He worked on projects related to cold chain solution and health care solution using his skillsets of data visualization and data analysis. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and participated in several voluntary coding workshops organized by various organizations. The vision of Jason is to motivate teenagers to learn programming and problem solving so they can create a better future for mankind.

Dragon Lung


Dragon is an energetic entrepreneur with his enthusiasm towards new technology and their practical applications. Prior to joining Tecky, he is running a startup company with HKUST endorsement. He is now involved in practical applications with various technology stacks, e.g. Natural Language Processing (NLP), native mobile applications, e-commerce and online stores. He is always eager to learn, explore, build and execute interesting startup ideas as well as sharing his entrepreneur experience with fellow students.

Beeno Tung


Beeno was a teaching assistant in the PolyU and is currently responsible for R&D in Blockchain and Big Data Technologies for PolyU and a FinTech Startup. Beeno has over three years of full-stack development experience. His clients include local startups, education institutions, corporate bank, medical firm, and insurance company. Beside the professional services, Beeno is passionate about developing open and free systems. He participates in social projects and holds voluntary programming workshop in the spare time. His goal is to increase information fluidity and reduce the knowledge gap.

Andrew Shek


Andrew has over a decade experience in the R&D software developing fields that include Elderly Care System, Biotechnology Equipment, Financial Technologies, customer electronic product’s software development such as baby camera and set-top box and he was also involved in customizing Business Solution development for Microsoft Products. Andrew is always exploring the possibilities of applying new ideas and innovations in the standalone application (Point-Of-Sales System), web applications (Payment Getaway) and mobile apps development (e-Wallet Apps). His vision is to imbue his students with a mindset of improving mankind through innovation and nurture a generation of passionate programmers.

Thomas Lee


Thomas was a management trainee in IBM and is currently a Full-Stack software engineer of a FinTech company. He went through several immersive coding boot camp journey and successfully transformed his career from being an Account Manager to a Software Engineer. Therefore, he has a unique approach to help non-tech people adapt to a technology environment and guide them through the journey of becoming a programmer. Besides, he is passionate about Technology & FinTech and believes that software engineering is the best way to learn the trending ABCD (AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Data) technologies.

Michael Fung


Michael was the Head of Engineering of Accelerate and a certified Scrum Master. He has diverse experience in Full Stack programming over different companies. He had also helped multiple graduates in Accelerate to fulfil their dream of becoming a software engineer. Michael is an experienced programming instructor with the expertise of personal and career development and he is also responsible for overseeing the business development of Tecky.

Partners & Clients

Morgan Half
Set Sail
The Wave
JM Partner
Centre O
Team More
Swire Coca-Cola HK
ICFG Elder Service
Po Leung Kuk
HK Sun Image Management Limited
Mr. Newbie

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