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Python Fundamentals (PY-F)

Tecky Flex

Python Fundamentals

Master Python to create your dream code

250 Mins
Online videos

12 Hrs
In person class

11 Pcs
Code snippets

Cantonese lessons with english materials

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Self paced learning

Access via online system

Any date time and venue

Unlimited life long access



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Python for your roadmap to Data and AI

Hottest language in Data and AI

Hottest language in Data and AI

If you are eager to develop in the field of data and AI, then Python is an indispensable language. In recent years, almost all the latest related tools have been written in Python, and once you master basic Python, you can explore a wide range of online resources to expand your data and AI journey.

Easy to learn

Easy to learn

Even if it has great power, it does not mean that Python is particularly difficult. Conversely, Python is known as the easiest language to learn! Some online tools don't even need to be installed on your computer, making it easy for you to start your Python writing journey, do it now!

Tecky Flex A New Learning Experience
Online + Offline Blended Learning

Online Learning
Online Learning

Online Learning

In-Person Learning
In-Person Learning

In-Person Learning

Disruptive Learning Model

Unlike traditional courses which each lesson could only cover one or two topics in the lecture, our online videos focus on all necessary knowledge and theory which students may choose their own place, own time and own pace to study. After reviewing the online videos, our offline classes focus on practical skills and exercises which are always the most needed parts for our students to master real-world programming skills.

Lifelong access

All lessons are worth to watch again and again. After the course, students are granted lifelong access to the course videos. Anytime, anywhere to watch videos and even ask questions to our instructors.

Course content includes

250 Mins
Online videos

1. Introduction to Python(21:23)
2. String & Variable(23:16)
3. Number(20:27)
4. Boolean, Logic & Conditions(31:19)
5. Loop: While(12:15)
6. List 1(18:57)
7. Array I(21:21)
8. Dictionary I(20:13)
9. List II & Dictionary II(22:23)
10. Functions(26:11)
11. Modules(26:08)
12. File Operations(39:22)
13. JSON(28:37)
14. Error Handling(19:40)

12 Hrs
In person class

In person lesson 1

3 Hrs | Cantonese | Practical

Practices on data types, syntax and conditions

In person lesson 2

3 Hrs | Cantonese | Practical

Practices on advanced syntax and loops

In person lesson 3

3 Hrs | Cantonese | Practical

Practices on logic games

In person lesson 4

3 Hrs | Cantonese | Practical

Practices on special topics raised by students

11 Pcs
Code snippets

Question and Answer
String processing
Time processing
Tax calculation
Salary calculation
Sorting and Filtering
Data processing
Image library
CSV processing
Todo list
JSON processing


Python Fundamentals Certificate
After completing the course, you will be awarded a professional certificate issued by Tecky Academy


I don’t have any programming background. How can I choose the right courses in Flex?If you just kickstart your programming journey, we recommend you to take Python or JavaScript fundamental courses. Then based on your personal needs & interests, you can choose the different case studies’ courses. Our course consultant is willing to provide you a tailored-made recommendation.
I would like to apply AI and programming in real life and work space. Is Flex course suitable for me ?Absolutely. Tecky Flex is designed with the objective of allowing students to apply the AI and programming knowledge they have learned in real life situations. Unlike other counterparts in the market, Tecky Flex allows students to choose the courses that interest them the most to build a personalized learning experience.
I want to become a Data Scientist. Can I become one after after finishing the Flex Courses?Data Scientist is a multi-disciplinary role which requires knowledge from multiple aspects. Flex courses provides students with Data science knowledge. It would also depend on work space experience of the students. We recommend studying Python and Big Data first. After your have mastered the basic skills, you may promote to Tecky Pro Data Science and Machine Learning course.
I want to become a software engineer . Can I become one after finishing the Flex Courses?Becoming a professional software engineer requires lots of training and practicing which a part-time course like Tecky Flex can hardly provide the necessary environment . We strongly recommend you should consider the Full-time Tecky's MicroMaster in AI and Programming instead if you are looking for a career switch. The 16-week MicroMaster is crafted carefully with the goal of enabling students to switch to a tech career .
Can I get a certificate of achievement upon completion?Yes, we will issue the e-certificate of achievement based on the progress of your studies.
Should I pick up JavaScript or Python?JavaScript is more suitable for creating websites and applications. Python is more suitable for data science, engineering and analytics. If you would like to work on a mobile application, you may pick either one as the introductory language and learn Dart (which is a harder programming language) to use Flutter to make a cross-platform mobile app.

Your instructors

Alex Lau

Alex Lau


Full Stack
Mobile App

Alex is an award-winning IT professional with extensive experience in software development, project management, and technology solutions. He is proficient in programming languages such as C, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript and Python. Alex has successfully trained over 700 students to become software developers and overseen corporate training programs for companies such as Swire Coca Cola and HKTDC. Alex has been recognized with multiple honors, including the ICT Grand Award, HSBC Youth Business Award, and the Esperanza Reimagine Education Challenge Award. He is also an AWS Community Builder and a Certified AWS Solution Architect Professional. Overall, Alex's passion for learning, teaching, and programming drives him to raise the standard and competitiveness of the IT coaching industry.

Gordon Lau

Gordon Lau


Full Stack
Data Science

Gordon's experience includes multiple roles of software development and leadership for different companies across various industries. With over 10 years' experience in professional programming and 4 years' experience in technology education, Gordon has mentored over 300+ newcomers to break into the technology sector. He was also the developer of the chatroom application HKGChat which acquired over 3,000 users on its launch day. He is additionally the principal developer of Tecky Code, which is Hong Kong's first open to public programming learning platform. As a firm believer in developing the future of Hong Kong’s IT industry, he has been promoting the importance of programming in mainstream education. Gordon is also an avid foreign language, science and travel enthusiast.

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