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MicroMaster in A.I. & Programming (Self-paced)

MicroMaster in A.I. & Programming (Self-paced)

The course includes

  • 400+ hours video lectures
  • 400+ articles
  • Up to 100 hours in-person & online support
  • 4 projects
  • 4 code reviews
  • 36 stand-up meetings
  • 25 complete demos with source codes
  • 100+ test questions & 100 coding exercises
  • Lifetime access
  • Lifetime Tecky Tutors support
  • Tecky campus access
  • Certificate by Tecky Academy after completing 6 modules

Our full-time MicroMaster in A.I. and Programming helps more than 400 graduates to pursue their tech career globally. We are offering the entire MicroMaster in A.I and Programming in Self-Paced mode to enable students which need a more flexible schedule to pursue their dream in the tech industry. We provides thorough online and offline technical support to ensure that the students studying in self-paced mode can achieve excellent outcome as our full-time students.


Estimated time to complete

10-20 hours per week
Whole course: 6-18 months

Medium of instruction

Cantonese with English materials

Start date

1st July, 2023


  • JavaScript, HTML, CSS Fundamentals
  • Python, Web Scraping Fundamentals
  • Web Fundamentals in JavaScript
  • Web Server Programming
  • Backend & AI Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Data Engineering


  • One-year access to GitHub Global Campus
  • Enjoy AWS 50USD Free Credit
  • Enjoy free use of Intellj IDEA for 6 months
  • Tecky campus access during the day and ask questions to the instructor (By appointment)
  • Tecky campus access on evenings or weekends for self-study
  • Lifetime access after completing the course
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JavaScript, HTML, CSS Fundamentals

The first step in learning the program, start with the most basic concepts, master the basic syntax step by step, and create a simple website after completing the module.


  • Basic syntax, data type
  • Advanced syntax practice, loop practice
  • Logic game practice
  • Basic HTML CSS exercises
  • Simulate the production of a real website
  • Interactive website mini-games

Python, Web Scraping Fundamentals

If you want to develop applications in the field of AI or data, Python is the language to go. This course will teach you step-by-step from zero to learning to crawl data, analyze data, visualize data, and more.


  • Python basic syntax, Regular expression
  • Advanced syntax practice, loop practice
  • Logic game practice
  • Data Processing
  • Web Crawler
  • Data Visualization

Frontend Development

Many of today's websites, such as Facebook or Gmail, have become complex applications with a lot of interaction on a single page. This module teaches you the emerging Single Page Application (SPA) single page application design skills.


  • Getting Started with React TypeScript
  • React
  • Zustand
  • React Query
  • Next.js
  • React Native

6-Week Capstone Project:

SPA Web/Mobile App Development

Entrance Requirement:

Completed Module 5 or developed a related AI model


Web Server Programming

This module is to use programming in practice to build a full stack web application with client, server and database. Various applications are demonstrated to build a common web application.


  • Computer Organization
  • Getting Started with TypeScript
  • Object Orientation
  • Express Server
  • CRUD demonstration
  • PostgreSQL usage and installation
  • SQL Database
  • Login system
  • Upload system
  • Chatroom system

4-Week Project:

  • Website application

Entrance Requirement:

  • Completed "Web Fundamentals in JavaScript" or submitted a Game of Life project

Web Fundamentals in JavaScript

Learn the practical application of commercial tools, including version control, website building, advanced programming synxtax usage, basic computer science knowledge, data structures, algorithms, and more.


  • Advanced programming syntax
  • Bootstrap
  • DOM control
  • Canvas control
  • Data Structure
  • Algorithm Algorithm
  • P5.js

Personal Project:

  • Game of Life (online submission)

Data Engineering

Data science seeks insight from the enormous amount of data. The real question is, where do all these data come from? Collecting, organizing and storing huge amount of data is the daily life of a professional Data Engineer. To kickstart a career in the data profession, learning to work with big data is one of the most important skill one can have. Data Engineer is the role every aspiring data scientist should work in.


  • Getting started with Docker
  • Advanced SQL (CTE, Window Functions, Subqueries, Set, CASE)
  • Data Warehouse Concept
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Kafka
  • MongoDB
  • Airflow
  • Power BI/Data Studio
  • Design Data Engineering Pipeline

6-Week Capstone Project:

  • App Development with Data Engineering

Entrance Requirement:

  • Completed Module 5 or developed a related AI model

Backend & AI Development

The backend development of many websites might be more complicated than you think. Building a backend requires not only designing databases, writing logic, interfaces, storage space and analysis, but also mastering cloud technology. This module will also include software testing that is rarely taught. In this module, there are also different machine learning and deep learning applications for students to master artificial intelligence.


  • Jest Basics
  • Jest Mocking
  • SQL & PostgreSQL
  • Knex Basics, Association, migrations & Seeds
  • Aggregations & Transactions
  • Advanced DB Features & Database Design
  • Introduction to Python
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning with Tensorflow
  • Transfer Learning
  • NLTK and Gensim
  • OpenCV and PyTesseract
  • Librosa
  • System Administration
  • DevOps & AWS
  • Gitlab CI/CD

4-Week Project:

AI or Advanced Web App Development

Entrance Requirement:

Completed Module 4 or developed a full-stack web application


Study Mode

group counseling
group counseling

Learning Arrangement

  • Guided with Tecky's suggested study timeline
  • 24-hour online tutoring with Cantonese tutors
  • Weekend appointment-based live group tutoring (Hong Kong, Toronto, London)
  • Regular project grouping
  • During the project period, followed up by designated tutors on Mon, Wed and Fri
  • 1 to 1 coding review after completion of each module
  • Lifetime access to course content upon completion of each unit
  • Career support after completion of Module 6A or 6B (Hong Kong, Toronto, London only)
  • Participation in developer showcase (Hong Kong only)
  • Modules must be completed one by one before enrolling in the next module of courses
group working
group working

Project Grouping

  • Project Pitching Day for project grouping on the first weekend of each month (starting in February 2023)
  • There will be four to six weeks (depending on the module) after the grouping. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the designated instructor will hold a Standup Meeting to follow up the progress
  • If students are grouped by themselves, they can also provide Tecky with the group list and start the project period immediately
  • The presentation will be scored on the weekend of the last week. After reaching the project standard, you can enroll in the next module


MicroMaster in A.I. & Programming certificate


Is this course the same as the full-time course?

This course is fully covered with our full-time courses, and there are more guidelines to help part-time students to solve problems.

Is this course live-action or an online video-based course?

This course is a blended class. The content of the class and the problem-solving are recorded online. If you have any questions, you can ask them on Tecky Chat and Gather Town immediately. With the help of live tutoring on weekends and projects, students can use their autonomy in the most effective way. time to study without having to quit full-time work.

Can I ask questions with a tutor?

Of Course! We have tutors from Hong Kong, London, and Toronto to answer students' questions 24 hours a day. If students are not used to typing, they can also find tutors in Tecky's official Gather Town for live video conversations.

Will completing the course help me find a job?

After completing Unit 6 or Unit 7, we are very confident that students will be able to find relevant jobs, and we will also provide employment support.

Do I have to attend classes at the designated time?

Each unit has classroom and project parts. Students can choose to complete the classroom project within the time limit, and use up to one month to complete the project. For example, students can complete the class in one month, and then complete the project in one month, then they can complete a unit in two months and move on to the next project.

Programming computer requirements

If there is no need to build an iOS mobile application, an i5 or i7, a computer with 8GB RAM or more, and Windows 10/Linux/Mac can complete the course. If you buy a new computer, it is recommended to buy an i7 computer with 16GB RAM or above and 512GB SSD or above, which will be more suitable for work in the long run. If you need to set up an iOS mobile app, you need an iPhone and an M1 or above Macbook with at least 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

Can I transfer to full-time on the way?

Yes, but you need to make up the difference in full-time tuition. The current full-time MicroMaster fee is HKD64500. If students have completed part of the courses and have paid HKD36000, the difference in tuition fees will be HKD64500 - HKD36000 = HKD28500.

Can I switch from full-time to part-time?

Yes, but full-time tuition fees will not be refunded on a pro-rata basis and the guaranteed employment terms will also be void. Please note that this change will be counted as a deferral

What happens if I fail to complete the course within the specified time limit?

If the course is not completed within the specified time limit, the unit will be regarded as ineligible and students must re-enroll in the unit. Students can apply to extend the study period within the time limit, but each student can only extend once unconditionally in the whole course, or need to present the relevant sick leave certificate.

Can I extend the study period?

Unless it is due to illness or other force majeure reasons, each student can apply for an extension for a maximum of two months during the entire course.

Can I complete the project by myself?

Not recommended, we strongly recommend that each project be completed by 2-3 people to learn the working mode of working with other developers in the future, which cannot be learned by one-person projects.

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