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Intermediate Big Data

Intermediate Big Data

According to recent surveys, there are approximately 200 millions active websites in the internet. That is why there is abundance of available data, what most are lacking instead, are the means to extract, process and analyze these data. In this course, we cover three crucial topics for any data task: Data extraction, Data storage and Data processing. Both JavaScript and Python libraries are utilized in the course to tackle different problems in the entire data processing pipeline.

This course is ideal for students who are seeking next level of understanding after the introductory level of programming.

Students attending this course will learn the following:

  • Scraping and extracting data from public webpage using powerful Web-scraping tools
  • Storing and consolidating data in cloud NoSQL database
  • Learning fundamental Python knowledge to work with data
  • Utilizing basic Python Data Science libraries to analyze and visualize unstructed data

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  • Next start date
  • Time 19:00 - 21:30 Every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Duration 6 weeks
  • Class size
  • Location The Wave Mongkok
Intermediate Big Data

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