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MicroMaster in A.I. & Programming


Graduates Performance

After course completion, you will have the ability of an entry-level programmer who is capable to handle a mid-to-large size project in a team or a small size project alone.

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Graduates hired by

EY Mtel
PCCW Solutions
Set Sail
BNP Paribas
Ringus Solution Enterprise Limited
Automated System Limited
Animoca Brands
Hutchison Telecom
Ricacorp Properties
South China Morning Post
Midland Realty
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Average Time to Get Hired

<1 months

Average Salary


Graduates' Testimonials

Hayton Hung (Cohort 16)

"Most appealing aspect of Tecky Academy curriculum is the project-based learning and career-driven nature. We get the opportunity to learn concepts, become aware of relevant tools and apply all we learn in the form of three group projects. Instructors are of high caliber, took complex topics and presented them in a very easily understandable manner. Another centerpiece of Tecky Academy programme is the one-on-one career support. Thanks to the full range of advice and support from professional career coaches, I received a job offer as an Analyst Programmer before graduation. "

Bob Chan (Cohort 15)

"I had had my doubt at first, as any normal person would doubt that 4 months of training can equip people with skills and tech that are way beyond beginners. And after 4months, I can comfortably say the course is a bargain for any programmer wanna-be. Don't get me wrong: the course is tough, but the lectures, group projects and , most important of all, the career assistance provided throughout the course are extremely helpful to any beginner/intermediate developers."

Roy Tang (Cohort 13)

"Tecky is a place that can enhance your effort to learn programming as a beginner. Well structured curriculum & instructor support saves your time to acquire the skills at full speed. At the end of the course, students will have 3 projects in their portfolios & career support is provided to help build resumes and prepare for interviews. I got a developer jobs in a few days after the course ended."

Ray Tsoi (Cohort 10)

"Very intensive & useful course. Great supporting and teaching from experienced instructors & friendly tutors. Instructors would give code reviews for all the finished projects. Tecky Academy is not just a bootcamp, it is more like a community. Alumni are willing to support & share their own experiences as well. 10/10.."

Eric Chow (Cohort 8)

"I worked for customer service field almost 8 years when I decided to learn a new skill and enrolled to Tecky Academy. The bootcamps require you to give 200% of your life during those 4 months, but it's definitely worth it. They push you to the limit, all the while maintaining an amazing informal and casual relationship with the class. They give you the tools to succeed, but the work needs to come from you. This is much more than just a regular Bootcamp, it makes you a better person overall and gives you the tools to thrive in software development, you just need to have the guts and the will to take it and make your own path. I was afraid that my 34 years old was somehow an obstacle to hiring, but the truth is that after a month of the finished course I had the best offer I had seen so far."

Harry Chow (Cohort 6)

"In terms of teaching quality, tutors in Tecky are passionate and professional, what they care is the learning curve of their students, what they don't care is about overtime work. They usually stay until mid-night to help students out, no matter it is about project ideas, CS concept, coding styles, etc. On thing to highlight is that, the tutors (like Gordon, Alex) are really good at explaining concept, just like story-telling. It is very important to those who want to learn coding from zero. For the part of career support, I kept going to Tecky even though the course is finished. I kept asking for help in terms of CV, expected salary, interviews, etc, and they always welcome these kinds of conversation."

John Chan (Cohort 2)

"Both the passionate instructors and batch mates keep me up in the long long learning journey on the way to be a sophisticated software engineer. What I got is not just the programming knowledge but also the art of writing articulate codes and science of computer."

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