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MicroMaster in A.I. & Programming

Course Outcomes

Graduates Performance

After course completion, you will have the ability of an entry-level programmer who is capable to handle a mid-to-large size project in a team or a small size project alone.

Past Showcase & Info Day

Our graduates are highly recognized by the industry leaders and successfully hired by the companies below.

Average Time to Get Hired

~1 months

Average Salary


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Graduates Testimonials

I highly recommend Tecky Academy to anyone who want to start their career in software development. The syllabus of Tecky is regularly updated to match with the ever-changing industry requirement, and the instructors are both knowledgeable and patient to guide you through all the fundamental subjects for a junior developer.

- Juno Ng

Extraordinary Bootcamp, brilliant instructors, allow me from 0 of experience in web development to understanding the whole concepts of front-end, back-end development of the web app system and able to finish two real-world projects. It is a great place for people who love programming but not have chances to learn CS in university.

- Mark Chan

Excellent teachers and good people. Highly recommended.

- Matthew Woodroffe

Good lecturers transfer knowledge; great lecturers teach you the way of independent learning. Lecturers here are definitely the latter. I started with zero background and got a front-end developer job in a software house within 4 months. I will personally recommend this course to anyone who is eager to break into the world of programming.

- Luke Yeung

The teachers are passionate in teaching coding and have a huge knowledge base in tech field. Would recommend it to all those who want to start a new career in tech but don't know how to start!

- Jacob Chan

I personally vouch for the instructors. Even though the course and workload was tough as hell, but they were able to equip us with the right information to start our own new business in programming. We are now running our own digital studio, thanks to Gordon, Alex and Michael!

- Ivan Oung

I have seen people go from zero to hero in this field because of them. They also have helped me grow as full stack developer and to grasp a good knowledge of the latest tech stack that I have been using in my current job. I highly recommend Tecky Academy for people who want to start a career or enhance in IT.

- Mangal Hang

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